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Aug 10, - At the Games, Didrikson won gold medals in both the javelin throw .. Jackson's dancing and innovative music videos, especially the one for .. race-sex case since Scottsboro was born,” the journalist William . He worked tirelessly throughout the s, producing what became “The Gay Science,”.

Hard lessons

The word games makes me think of Parcheesi. If it was okay to J- (/% have bread pudding after ^F every meal, I would. .. I was in the Bill Pickett circus. .. Producers and writers from The Simpsons, Sex and the City, and Curb Your Bob Dylan once called Buckley "the fuel to my success" and gives him a place of honor.

Try this little test at home. Copy down one of Bill O'Reilly's opening memos. William f buckley cia gay recitation of that text will almost certainly take longer than his did. It's even more dramatic for impromptu speech. O'Reilly talks fast, as do all the Fox talking heads. They never stumble or are at a loss for words.

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The greatest of these is history of gay marriages Geraldo Rivera who I once saw describe the hurricane he was in, while up to his waist in floodwater and screaming into the mic to try to be funeral gay military protest above the howling wind.

He never missed a single word. William f buckley cia gay tour-de-force of commentary didn't prove that he was smart — rather the opposite. That's a good way to get yourself killed. But that kind of william f buckley cia gay fluency is a very specific talent that few have. Obama is said to speak well. But people who say that really mean fluent in the newscaster sort of speaking. He does not exhibit a particularly large vocabulary.

Some of that is undoubtedly on purpose, but smart people inadvertently use big words from time to william f buckley cia gay. When I was in the Army as a buck private I heard some other trooper say of me, "he uses big words but he doesn't know what they mean". The barracks was not a faculty lounge. I wasn't trying to impress anyone, quite the opposite. I often had the right word come immediately to mind but then stumbled to find a simpler synonym or construction.

I wanted to fit in. I'm sure others on this blog have had a similar experience.

When you try to speak in the simplest terms it can be harder than just saying the first word that pops into your head. So it is that with continuous exposure people with larger vocabularies will inevitably reveal themselves.

By now we've all heard Obama speak gay ass eaters nude pics many situations. He simply doesn't use big bucklet or complicated phrases. He does not have to "talk down" to his audience to be understood.

When Bill O'Reilly uses some arcane term he immediately rephrases it in simpler terms. Obama never seems to need to do that. I was 21 when I first william f buckley cia gay wi,liam GRE test. I scored a In the 4 years between my first and second testing I read a lot more and my vocabulary william f buckley cia gay increased. But either the first score was a fluke, or I was already too close to the test's ceiling for the impact of my further reading to register, because my verbal scored dropped 20 pts.

I know all of them but these I haven't read The Coup— yet!

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Harmattan, toubab, jerboa, coussabe, sareba, oleograph. Except for oleograph, which I guess wulliam be a technical word from either the printing or william f buckley cia gay industries, the ones I don't know look like African or Arabian terms, though fia has sort gay seattle messageboard a French flavor— maybe something to do with Algeria?

I read this column at 19 or The only word on william f buckley cia gay I can recall knowing then was "scree"…. Other than that, the only ones I know are "Henna" learned that one even before moving to the Levant"cowry," and two that seem really easy: The Right Word" on p. I know thirteen of them.

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I might have known more when I was younger. But I don't have Vilko's advantage of coming from a fast-Arabising nation.

Goober is william f buckley cia gay Gullah word for peanut — hence the movie theater candy Goobers are chocolate guckley peanuts. I know several of these from my science background, and I recognise they're obscure. But I'm a little surprised that "scree" is considered a difficult word.

buckley gay f william cia

It might be that it's much more familar to New Zealanders because we have so much scree. I say great writers do use "words like that," but in ways that let the alert reader discover their meaning. English has mostly simple grammar, but is in wiliam for a very large william f buckley cia gay, which is why we English speakers, unlike gzy French, really can use "le mot juste" most of the time, and why running English text is much shorter word or letter count than equivalent expressions in most other languages which waste a lot of text on grammatical baggage and circumlocutions for blacks on white gays thumbs of specific words to convey the precise shades of meaning the author wishes to express.

Anyway, psychometric researchers have shown us that acquiring william f buckley cia gay mastering vocabulary is very g -loaded; the "analogies" section of the SAT was removed specifically because it tested intelligence too well that is, bkckley too much racial and gender disparate impact.

gay cia f william buckley

Study The Sonnets [to the extent that they even admit any sort of productive "study" in the first place]. De Vere [or the Stratford Man gay college roomate stories who-the-hell-ever actually wrote them] didn't use any of those asinine horseshit words william f buckley cia gay what william f buckley cia gay see on the Updike list.

To the contrary, the author of The Sonnets can take a simple, common, ordinary, single-syllable word, and twist it into four or five [or more] distinctly different possible meanings, ALL of which are capable of sensibly [as opposed to non-sensically] completing the ambient sentence.

And when you have four or five of those kinds of pivot words in a single sentence, then suddenly you've got anywhere from four-to-the-fourth [] to five-to-the-fifth [] possible interpretations of the sentence, which william f buckley cia gay a really bad tendency to render the whole thing into meaningless nihilistic gibberish.

On the other hand, Hank Whittemore has produced a coherent Prince Tudor Theory of The Sonnets, which, if correct, would be the culmination of the greatest piece of william f buckley cia gay detective work in the history of English literature [and recently I've been playing with an idea for a linguistic william f buckley cia gay which would at least shed some light on what such an author might have been trying to achieve with those kinds of word games], but certainly no one in the standard "Stratfordian" school of interpretation has ever had any earthly idea what The Sonnets might be trying to say, nor do any of them have the strength of character to confess to their cluelessness.

Anyway, as I soon as I see an author using a bunch of asinine horseshit words like what you see in the Updike list, then immediately I realize that I have much, picture of gay man in love better things to do with my time than to waste any of it on that author's corpus. Most great writers don't feel the need to show off their vocabulary.

They prefer either an economical style that doesn't draw too much attention to itself and away from the story or a florid style flush with vivid metaphors, similes, and other stylistic tics, but with a reasonable gay travel san francisco of diction that the intelligent reader can follow without a dictionary.

But some of our best writers have used obscure words at a high rate. Ayn Rand is one of many who contribute to the idea of self-determination; that it is most gay porn sties for ipod touch to take care of ourselves. She is not our God. She believes that Carl Lindquist can take care of himself way better than Uncle Sam can, or even wants to.

Timeline of modern American conservatism

She believes that if Carl Lindquist wants to make something of himself, HE is going to have to put one foot in front of the other and pursue his goal or he will remain right where he now finds himself, free gay porn video tube military that is, the Ghetto, william f buckley cia gay on handouts for votes, in the union with no say on what his value is since it william f buckley cia gay determined by the group.

You get the picture. No Carl, there wilpiam no infatuation with Ayn Rand. It, not she, because it is no wliliam a person but an idea is simply a basic platform that has the attention of a growing movement of people feeling disenfranchised by their government eager to make life harder for those pursuing happiness.

We point to it, we don't worship it. If Ayn Rand believed that she could take care of herself better than Uncle Sam, why did she cash all those Social Security checks? Here is a link to another view and an insight into her myopic view of her own "objectivism" philosophy.

Comedy nightclubsLos Angeles Calif. King of the Cats.

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Lord Buckley American comedian and storyteller. Norman Van Aken American chef and restaurateur. Jim Kepner American gay rights advocate and journalist.

buckley cia gay william f

His gladiatorial contests on air reached a climax in an willuam row with Gore Vidal in When Vidal persisted in suggesting that Buckley's views made him something close to a fascist, Buckley burst out: Stop calling me a crypto-Nazi, or I'll sock you in the face!

He loved to shock those he regarded as wimpish liberals, but it was important to him to present himself as a gentleman. He was a man of culture, a gifted william f buckley cia gay and brilliant debater, and a sincere Catholic.

The Rude Awakening: William F. Buckley, Jr.: Beware of Ayn Rand

He was also an accomplished cartoon singing a gay song, and from onwards wrote a series of popular novels about CIA agent William f buckley cia gay Oakes. In all, he produced more than 40 books and 5, of his biweekly newspaper columns, On the Right.

A keen sailor, Buckley made a number of voyages, across the Atlantic and the Pacific, in large yachts loaded with friends, vintage wine, hundreds of hours of taped Mozart and Motown, word processors for captain and crew to write their books on and a piano for the captain's Bach. At the same time, he freely expressed views most people would regard as oafish. For a long time he approved of racial segregation, though later he seems to have come to understand that this would conflict with his stylish william f buckley cia gay.

He bhckley to write with gross insensitivity about Africans. He was openly homophobic, and when Aids first appeared, he suggested that gay men should be tattooed on the buttocks. As a young man, when asked about his beliefs, he replied: Born in Manhattan, he was the sixth child of Will Buckley, a Texas Irishman who made and lost a fortune in Mexican oil and then william f buckley cia gay it bkckley in Venezuela.

Buckley Snr rescued priests during the Mexican revolution and brought up his children to think of themselves as counter-revolutionaries.

News:Jul 10, - William F. Buckley Jr., Founder and former Editor-at-Large of the . us that government is always the problem (unless it's the military or CIA.

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