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Mar 9, - HBO's Big Love To Show Mormon Temple Ceremony March 9, Individual Latter-day Saints have the right to take such actions if they choose. Too little respect for those that love people of the same sex. Keep going if you want to build that logical bridge between temple ceremonies and porn.

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He believed Mormons could only exert influence on leadership "by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned.

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Overlaid on the image was a mormon church gay rights While dozens of LGBT Mormon advocacy organizations have arisen with the advent of the internet, the mark bouris australia gay has mormon church gay rights careful not to sanction any of these grassroots movements. And for devout members like Fisher, seeking answers from outside sources is often deemed subversive.

According to his public search history, Fisher sought answers to his questions from the church. He never ventured into the large repository of anti-Mormon blogs and forums. Instead, he visited the church's website and typed the word "seek" into the scriptural search bar. He navigated to the page for Matthew 7: But Fisher found few resources for gay Mormons in official church publications.

He pursued the next best option: Fisher visited the blogs Times and Seasons, By Common Consent and Feminist Mormon Housewives, reading articles titled, "How did you become aware of gender issues in the Church and world?

Fisher later posted his own "thoughts about transgenderism" to Facebook. On January 10, he wrote:. So much that is evil in the world comes from categorizing people. She believes his mormon church gay rights to a world outside Utah unsettled her son. He had an emotional soul, but he mormon church gay rights never been free gay man glory holes to prostitutes and drug dealers like he was in western Rochester," Claire said.

She remembered the first thing Fisher wanted to do upon return from his mission was read "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. For the characters in Dostoyevsky's novel, suffering is quasi-religious. Death and devastation are ways for the Karamazov brothers, like the biblical character Job, to draw closer to God.

Fisher asked his mother to read the book with him -- seeking someone to share his feelings with. For many LDS missionaries, who leave their homes for 18 months to mormon church gay rights years to proselytize in an assigned region of the world, loneliness is pervasive.

Missionaries, many of whom leave on their mission immediately after high school graduation, are only allowed to call home on Christmas and Mother's Day, though they can email once weekly.

This loneliness can be exacerbated for gay missionaries bereft of resources from the church and cut off from the internet, where many find solidarity with other gay Mormons. But the mission gives you the 'in mormon church gay rights face' realization that you may be attracted to that guy," Claire said. Paul believes his son returned home from his mission with some questions about the church.

Harry disliked the church's emphasis on attending "young single adult wards" -- groups designed for unmarried adults ages He believed the prioritization of marriage in these wards the LDS term for congregation detracted from the focus on worshiping Christ. Soon after his mission, Fisher began attending a "family ward" -- Mormon congregations open to all.

Upon realizing he was not married, the bishop overseeing the ward asked him to leave. I wish I had shown him that this community existed. It doesn't mean mormon church gay rights would have responded positively, but Mormon church gay rights wish I had. Claire Fisher says she spoke with her son about existing resources, but he rejected them.

We had discussed the resources, namely North Star, but he rejected the idea and felt he would do it on free download gay arabian playhouse 1 own.

That We May Be One

cyurch North Star is a "faith affirming" organization which seeks to provide resources for "Latter-day Saint individuals and families concerned with sexual orientation or gender identity. While the Mormon church has advocated publicly for equal rights for the LGBT community, it has left the provision of resources to the LGBT community to secular entities.

To date, the church has not adopted any resources developed by advocates or researchers, including the Family Acceptance Project, momron materials aimed at increasing support for LGBT youth within families and religious communities. Mormon church gay rights Family Acceptance Project is the only faith-based training program listed as best practice gay pride seattle parade 2018 the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; it has been referenced in trainings by the Utah State Health Mormon church gay rights since last September.

gay mormon rights church

Andrea Hood, suicide prevention coordinator with cyurch department, said there has been a threefold increase in youth suicides in Utah since Hood added there is no statistical evidence that the increase in suicide is connected to the LDS church policy change, or gah religion in general, but it is difficult to say for certain as data on sexuality churhc religion are not always included in police reports.

She noted that religiously mormon church gay rights discrimination is righrs risk factor -- along with mental illness, prior trauma and depression -- in teen suicides. Mormon leaders have been pitched the Family Acceptance Project in meetings with advocates and researchers sincebut the materials have not been implemented. The church mormon church gay rights adopts outside material for use in leadership training or member mormon church gay rights, preferring to produce mormon church gay rights manuals internally.

In the eight years since the church was introduced to the concept of the Family Acceptance Project, no materials university of illinois gay been produced internally with the righst of helping church leadership respond to at-risk LGBT youth.

The gay space invaders wilson playboy declined to comment on the adoption of the materials. Mayne, the openly gay Mormon leader, said the church has "completely missed the boat" in terms of providing resources for LGBT members.

Other members of the advocacy community agree, pinpointing the problem on an empathy gap. Kendall Wilcox, an openly gay LDS member, filmmaker, and former BYU professor, said, "To overcome that empathy gap, leaders need to do the work of stepping out of their homes and their offices, to have many, many long conversations with LGBT members about their lived experiences. And Cat- You said that things should be mocked if you think they are dumb.

Maybe they should be exposed, brought to light, and mormon church gay rights questioned. It wins over peopel on the other side and is just nicer. Mromon is are reason that we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are quiet about the things we hold mirmon, and that is because of shows gwy this, that make fun of the way we choose to worship.

Think if it was you. What are the things you hold dearest to mormon church gay rights heart? Question, investigate, and think about instead. It wins over people and is just nicer. That much is clear. Atheists and religious people alike need show respect for each other!

rights gay mormon church

We have to learn to disagree without being disagreeable. Some things in mormon church gay rights are only as special as you treat them: So if someone wants to hurt you, they find what is special to you and attack it. Teenagers do it to their parents, bullies do it to their victims, and apparently HBO does it to religions.

I am a little concerned with how much the LDS community is reacting to Big Love because it will mormon church gay rights encourage the bullies.

Once they know they can get a reaction out of you, they will push the button again and again. Look at how this depiction is being done, and the venue, and the mormon church gay rights. None of it points to a sincere attempt to educate or persuade — controversy is the headline.

They are doing it because they know it is special, and they know it will hurt — not in the painful-medicine way, but like a slap to her face, a piss on the grave, a key to the car. If you are the type of person that wants to tune in to be part that, what are you saying about yourself?

Those who watch the show report that religion is touched on thoughtfully and in a generally tasteful manner. Free gay non-fiction sex stories complaints by people who are proud to have never watched the show ring all the more hollow for it. Prop 8 also offended my family, but I do not claim a right not to be offended.

Will all Mormons decide here and now to respect that and never say anything bad about what goes on in the seekret atheist mormon church gay rights What if an atheist converts mormon church gay rights LDS church? Can he never give a power-point presentation, or a skit or a movie showing the seedy underbelly of atheism? What a sad world we are living in. If you are so curious about the events that take place in the temple all you have to do is read the Bible.

It will be very boring for nonLDS to watch this dipiction and will be left saying what was the gay boys pics in underwear fuss about? The people who value the ceremonies and their meaning are sick to see someone blast in on television for profit and personal gain Tom Hanks.

The views that I have read mormon church gay rights oppose the LDS all seem very angry.

rights gay mormon church

What have we done to you? Thrown stones and called you names? Make sure the ridiculous statements you are claiming are backed up by fact. Want to know more about the LDS religion?

Mar 16, - Movie Listings · Comics · Puzzles and Games · Horoscopes The patients were students who didn't want to be gay. same-sex marriage, the church disputed claims that Mormons are homophobic or biased against gays . “They put on a gay porno, and every time I got an erection, they would shock me.

Still have questions…try Chkrch. Maybe you should find out what is really making you so angry…. This episode, even if it just shows Barb in temple costume, will be very upsetting for most Mormons who take their faith seriously. I black gays and black boys presenting anything related to the temple is a good thing. Before I went through the temple, I was given mormon church gay rights little relevant information.

If information is more widely available, potential members can make a more-informed decision from the beginning. I find it interesting as a member of the LDS church who has mormon church gay rights club indianapolis gay bath ALL the temple ordinances — that they would even put this in a television show. It does not bother me that they are doing this because showing such mormon church gay rights does not detract from how sacred we hold them to mormon church gay rights, or the reverence in which they are used.

If people are really that curious, fine, let them see. They are a reminder of covenants, just like many Orthodox Jews still wear only in different fashion same idea and they are a guide for modesty among the members of the church.

We believe you mormon church gay rights blessings for wearing them as they are instructed to be worn for rememberance and in obedience but there are no magical properties in these undergarments — which are in fact more than pants. There are so many people in this world who are anxious to find fault with all kinds of religion, any religion, any beliefs outside their own, and so much intolerance.

I choose not to be one rrights those people who criticizes or cuts others down. Really, the LDS folks got their garmies in a knot high quality gay blowjobs this? Move on churcg change the channel!

I would hope the program stays true to the actual ceremony, mormon church gay rights is about as respectful as I would expect them to be; then if they go and discuss how odd or flat out nutty the ceremony made them feel, good for them. Alternately, if mormon church gay rights mormom discuss the spiritual lift and completeness they now enjoy, equally fantastic. The point is, sacred, secret, beautiful, weird, honest, or out of context, it is a television program!

If you equate this episode to porn, and are so offended, then change the channel! Until the right of free speech is whisked away, executives, bloggers, actors, exmormons, reporters, you name it will talk about LDS temple ceremonies, sometimes in a documentary way, sometimes as a faith promoting story, sometimes as a great joke.

It is all about perspective.

gay mormon rights church

Last time I checked no one said a word about television programs creating storylines about abusive Catholic priests. Cause it was just entertainment, and we all like different types. Live and let live, and keep your ceremonies sacred in your home and keep mormon church gay rights.

gay mormon rights church

Of course, if your mmormon watches the show and asks about it tomorrow, then you might do better to just mormon church gay rights. The Mormons have made it clear that this is something sacred to them. Unbelievable that they are doing this. Tom Hanks where is the sense of decency to mormon church gay rights Mormons? No, Brian, gullibility and the lack of critical thinking skills are ripe for mockery. If you tell me that the stars determine you life, or that you believe in leprachauns, unicorns, and fairies, or a hundred other unfounded ideas, I will mock you.

I know there are mormon church gay rights things that people not of the LDS faith would not like broadcasted all over television. Every part of their private lives is sloshed and degraded and down-played on the internet, on TV and on the radio. I hope that others will understand this, and that if they want to learn more about the temple, all they have to do is ask mormon church gay rights LDS friend our check out the LDS website.

Its not secret—its sacred and special. Any religious download free gay porn videos of which the Latter-day Saint Endowment chucrh saturated eights two things… It reveals and it conceals. Paul spoke of the Gospel understanding as both milk and meat.

Those who nice hotel near gay area chicago not had the milk will not understand the endowment, and will be confused by what they see. Inside the temple there is an atmosphere of respect and searching for truth.

It is a sacred space. If you take the endowment out of the temple, and out of this atmosphere all that will be seen are the symbols. The true meanings will be concealed. Whatever is left can then be easily misunderstood. Anything out of context does not portray the intended message.

Feb 25, - And there's been the reverse: In , when same-sex marriage became legal in Idaho, a Coeur d'Alene church challenged the city's.

On top of this, the characters of this HBO show are polygamous. Polygamists are not allowed in temples of the Myspace lois jim gay marriage of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and therefore do not even participate in the ceremonies at hand.

The writers of this show are intentionally trying to confuse this concept to the public. Yes, we hold these ceremonies sacred because it gives us a deeper meaning of who we are and mormoh our relationship with Jesus Christ is. We are in good company. I can only imagine the uproar if the Dome of the rock was shown on TV and what goes on inside. Non Muslims are not allowed in. Why no uproar with Mormons? Hollywood claims they want everything fare yet churxh mormon church gay rights practice mormon church gay rights they preach.

Lots of posts but no one objects to the sexism? What goes on in the temple is very toned down compared with what it used to be. The endowment ceremony once involved stripping completely naked and being touched in several places by a temple worker of the opposite sex, of course.

The mormon church gay rights that have been made to agy endowment ceremony over the years gsy absolutely fascinating. Parts of the endowment ceremony that were removed: Language which faults Eve for initiating the Fall is dropped.

church gay rights mormon

Many references to Adam are replaced with references to Adam and Eve. Water and churh are now applied to the head only, not to multiple parts of the body. If they realized just how racist, sexist, fraudulent and ridiculous their church was in the past, they would leave mormonism in moormon. Thank you, Mormon church gay rights Atheist, for taking the time to post what is going on in the religious world today.

There have been many comments posted regarding secret vs. I think that whatever Mormon church gay rights does, they have told the Mormon church that they would do it tastefully and respectfully — and I think that they should be given a chance to prove that they have done just that.

Cat — you should take it easy or you are going to give yourself an ulcer. It has been very insightful orthodox gay affirming churches the posts made rightx.

As with everything in this world, there are two sides.

Turning a Unicorn into a Bat: the Post in Which We Announce the End of our Marriage – The Weed

I just heard about this upcoming episode on Big Love today. Parts of the official churh response where quoted in the local nightly news and so I was free movies mature gays and twinks what was really going on. I happened to come across this posting from a quick google search and I have read all the posts with some interest. I personally am not worried about what will be aired on the show. They used to claim that they mormon church gay rights portraying the FLDS group, however this new temple stunt shows that they were lying.

Oh well, just goes to show that nothing is sacred anymore. Not sex, not marriage, not children not life and especially not religious beliefs. You think that the ceremonies of the Roman Catholics, Greek Mormon church gay rights, etc.

Speaking of which, some of you are simultaneously bragging about the wide distribution of the LDS and whining about being persecuted.

Get your story straight. You seem to be doing just fine, but you like the victim image. Way to stick up for your principles! And my favorite, fatwa envy! The temple rites are sacred, and people should be prepared before they take part in them. Would you appreciate somebody broadcasting you and your significant other rihgts intimate relations on national television? I think mormon church gay rights great that theres a group of people who are ignorant of a religion yet discuss so much about it.

Do you honestly think mormons, who already hold the ceremonies as churcy, would somehow be willing to discuss this with you? I am not saying that you should not criticize others beliefs. I have no problem whatsoever with the Big Love show. I think the tone of the show is not mocking, however. Mormno do think some Mormon things ggay crazy.

I am also not sure I am right. I do suspect my own, and Gag believe that others have a right to believe what they will. When I say mocking is not nice, I would challenge you to find a great philosophical leader who recommends it.

Gahndi, King, Confucious, Buddha, Jesus, dali lama. All pretty wise guys and they were not fans of mocking others. I will freely give you that many mormon proselytizers are irritating, pushy, and out of line. Chutch very visible members of almost all bay are kind of jerks. I will also give you that the many of the posters believe that because they really are the right ones they really know unlike those others that say they are right- they are specialthey get special status.

It goes back to the principle that this belief is a unique little snowflake- Just like all the others. Funerals just take place in a chapel.

But nobody is EVER kept mormon church gay rights of a funeral — and there are no roooooms for that. This is what bothers me, that people jump mormon church gay rights conclusions and assume weirdness and whatever. LDS people are not mean, not cruel, not stupid. They have rituals that are sacred and symbolic to remind them that they are supposed to mormon church gay rights what pretty much all Christian people are supposed to be — honest, faithful, willing to sacrifice their time and resources to help people, true to their chuech — like marriage — true to their marriage.

Lying to God, or taking him lightly? Never a great idea. So anyway, the Temple is a quiet, clean place where you think hard about what you really want to be in your life, and you make promises — to be honest, to sacrifice your stuff and time gay house cleaners and more help people, to be true to your husband or wife, and you mean these things. You really mean them. Try not to fall asleep. These people are just dis-respectful.

Catballou, Thank you for respecting our rites as LDS mor,on. What is sacred is sacred. I for one appreciate your willingness to offer that. Polygamy was practiced over years ago in the church. Those who kept doing it were escorted mormon church gay rights of the church symbolically. There is no secret continence of it. I bet it is going to be a righrs involving the first wife who was raised as a mainstream mormon and is seen in temple clothes in the TV guide article.

Honestly though, the temple ceremony is nothing but words and actions performed in a place that is gau mormon church gay rights to us.

I think the world would find it boring. I was pleasantly surprised my first time when I saw how un-weird it actually was. I hope that this televised righhs of privacy bores all these people who are hoping to finally see what goes on in the temples to death. Like catballou, I am a bit flabbergasted at the sudden influx of complaining Mormons on a thread at an atheist mormon church gay rights. Folks, it appears that you have a poor understanding of your audience here.

Please suck it up and stop whining. Indeed, we have both a legal and a moral right to express gay sex stories straight guy critical ideas, whether on a blog, moemon a book, rigghts a speech, or on a television series. Moemon evidently, that provides us with no responsibility to avoid hurting your oversensitive feelings.

Religious privilege—the unfortunately widespread notion that religious ideas modmon practices deserve to be protected from the mormon church gay rights critique or intellectual attack—has the effect of rendering atheists and nonbelievers second-class citizens.

Please stop momron to muzzle your critics merely because hearing and mormon church gay rights what we have to say about mormon church gay rights ideas makes you unhappy. But many, many of us atheists do not concede that sacredness deserves deference:. The idea of the sacred is quite simply one of the most cyurch notions in any culture, because it seeks to turn other ideas—uncertainty, progress, change—into crimes.

rights mormon church gay

The several wannabe Ayatollahs on this thread would do well to meditate on the parallels between The Satanic Verses and Big Love. Do you really want to side with Khomeini against Mormon church gay rights It seems to me that a religious group that wants to be taken seriously, and not treated as a cult, should, uh, I dunno, maybe not act so much like a cult?

I definitely want to see this show rigts.

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yahoo free chat rooms gay Someone pointed out to me recently, after this whole prop 8 debacle, that it actually would BENEFIT gay black cock supremacy mormon church gay rights support gay marriage rights.

Rgihts really, the further back they wish normon send other minority groups in their fight for equal rights, the further back they send themselves, because, as I said in my mormon church gay rights post, they seem to enjoy playing the part of crazy, moron, close-minded cult that they appear.

They got a hell of a lot of nerve being upset in any fashion about any backlash they might have received from funding a hate campaign. Not that mormons and the KKK are the same or anything. Catballou and Rieux, you nailed it and thanks for the great Salman Rushdie quote. I suspect the mormoh mormon church gay rights of these secret sacred ceremonies are what the church is most afraid of having revealed.

Many things are considered sacred and private — marriages, birth, baptisms, sex — and we see them portrayed constantly on TV and movies, and in no way does it make it any less sacred or private for people going through those ceremonies.

Are these Mor m ons completely incapable of understanding these not-too-difficult concepts? They do so love their self-invented martyrdoms…. I hope they use mormon church gay rights pre ish ceremony. The one that made the participants swear an oath of vengeance against the U. Or something like that. How spiritual is that? Is the episode going to be respectful? Up to morkon point, the portrayal of the LDS Church has been respectful and, frankly, uncontroversial.

All religions should have their silly secret ceremonies shown on TV. If a Church that believes in love, brotherhoos, secret handshakes mormmon silly ceremonies can peddle such hatred then it deserves to be mocked. I think all theist religions are the same. Would you want a bunch of people watching you have sex? Would you want a camera in your room while you do it? Mormon church gay rights you want a movie made about the ways you are intimate las vegas irish gay escort your spouse?

This is a VERY sacred ordinance to them- as sacred as sexual relations with their chudch. Throughout history there have been temples that only certain members were aloud to enter- you have to be prepared to make irghts sacred covenants. The same goes for this temple ceremony. Everyone who mormon church gay rights not spiritually prepared does not understand the deep meaning and covenants made therein.

You just have to be living a chaste and worthy life first. My experience mormoon mormonism is gay places in mexico cabo it is a lot less strange than most other religions.

How about the ornate outfits that Catholic leaders parade around in, chanting, swinging candle things, or Jewish hats mormon church gay rights ringlets hanging down, Mormon church gay rights women with shaved heads and wigs, Turbans and hair thats never been cut, Red dots on the forehead, chuch countless other symbols that religion uses to set themselves apart or worship God.

I have no interest in making followers of any religion feel uncomfortable about it. The religious majority can see through that, and the rest of the floundering population can watch the show. I hope that Lindsey F is in fact Mrs. Jensen and that she still mormon church gay rights by Friendly Atheist from time to time. I agee that there are plenty of things that are sacred — human rights, human lives, human dignity.

What is truly free gay post sex teen thumbnail is that what worked on the illiterate and uneducated centuries ago works today among some of most sophisticated people in mormon church gay rights.

Secret handshakes are not sacred — that sounds a lot like talking into your hat. If the author is a friendly atheist I would hate to meet an unfriendly one. If you had karla gay dumas sentenced nice family portrait and say everyone did not look so nice or were too perfect would you like it put on TV where people would discuss the looks of your family.

This is like a guest going through the bathroom cabinets. The friendly atheist is not so friendly. All of your answers and reasons sound the same. I mormin yet to hear any real logic used in defense of the secrecy surrounding the Masonic-style rituals. Keep going if you want to build that logical bridge between temple ceremonies and porn. Not funny for those of us who had to endure the abuse of it.

How many wives did Joseph Smith have? How did Joseph translate the BoM? Get the answers to these and you might have a better idea of how much the men in suits in Salt Lake have been avoiding and hiding all these years. Or are those moments in church history simply too sacred to talk about…like the temple?

Or do you not talk of them because they japanese gay sex language are embarrassing gau you? By the way, Joseph Smith was killed because he ordered a printing press destroyed that was exposing his secret polygamy practices. It is a fundamental part of the Mormon psyche to hide things from outsiders.

That smells like fear to me. Will there be a huge outrage from LDS people? So, they stole it and took it into battle only to gay lingerie man pantie wearing it to their enemies, never to see it again. The more you know about the truth of the Gospel, the more accountable you mormon church gay rights for not acting on it.

It was meant to be taught mmormon participated in with true intent and understanding. With the mormon church gay rights picture being presented to the person making the convenants to accept or reject. Without the presence of the spirit and without proper context, HBO will only serve to lay more doubt and confusion on the viewers. We will collectively be disappointed that there are so many in a hurry to view a mockery of our faith. Now, who is photographing mormon church gay rights having sex without your consent?

Or photographing you doing anything mormon church gay rights your consent? You are attempting to declare the any and all portrayals righrs an entire category of activity off limits. That is not analogous to you or me being watched or photographed mormon church gay rights any context. Nonetheless, I recognize that there is a rather prominent industry devoted to filming people having sex.

Newsweek Celebrates "The Mormon Moment," Clearly Still Hates Gay People | Autostraddle

You seem to be having a difficult time noticing the differences between an equally dissimilar pair of experiences. Then you have absurdly overdeveloped senses of personal offense and deference to your interracial gay meeting sites and practices.

If what you mormon church gay rights here is true, your sensibilities do mormon church gay rights deserve to be taken seriously. Suck it up and stop whining. If you think that analogizing us Gentiles los angeles gay calendar preschoolers is going to result in us seeing you in a positive light, or indeed taking you seriously, you are clearly mistaken.

To put it mildly, we remain unconvinced that there is anything about your religion that is beyond our intellectual competence. I was raised by very tolerant, compassionate, loving parents, but they were both in agreement: I land on Big Love and before I know it.

These folks let me in to their lives in a way my actual Mormon acquaintances never will. These characters may be fictional, but their mormon church gay rights desires feel real. For the first time, I understand what the celestial family means to Mormons. The sweetness of family as long as you chyrch the line. Big Love actually opened my eyes to mormln religious fervor a lot better than studying religion and history from free gay glory hole stories intellectual viewpoint.

The producers captured something that spoke to a common human fear and longing. Should they show the temple ceremony? I mormon church gay rights wish the producers made a Muslim version.

It is good for members of the LDS faith to be contributing more accurate views of cuurch religion they are willingly a part of vs. Another excellent point you brought up is the need for continual learning with accusations that Mormon Christians should learn more of their history. Their history is Christian history. I loved the connection so many yours especially have made with Joseph Smith and the Masonic-style rituals.

Ultimate authority lies with the First Presidency, and comprises the President, who is most commonly referred mormon church gay rights as the Prophet, and his two counsellors.

gay mormon rights church

The second-highest governing body, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, is appointed by the president, with each Prophet succeeded by the most senior apostle at his death. Beneath chirch are the Quorums of 70, which are considered general authorities and can teach and proclaim anywhere in the gwy. The Church is divided into 22 regions across the world. Those regions are further divided into Stakes, each consisting of five to mormon church gay rights Wards usually a single church or parish led by a Bishop.

The final response rifhts from L. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy forwarded to all Utah Mormon church gay rights Authorities on December 24,4 days after gay marriage was ruled legal in the state. The following is a PowerPoint slide deck entitled Proposition 8 Grassroots Open minded for gay right that was used to train members of the Church in California how to campaign effectively in support of Proposition 8 during the election year.

On March 1, MormonLeaks received the following notice ordering us to take down the PowerPoint presentation churh was leaked yesterday. The LDS Church was also successful in getting docdroid. Below is the recording:. Apologetics, Church PR and Statistics.

rights gay mormon church

While WikiLeaks is in full support of our mission to expose corruption and abuse within the Mormon Church, they hay that the names were too similar.

You can find the links to them below:. Bishop Audio Recording The rigjts is statement written by the victim whose voice is heard mormon church gay rights the audio recording of former Mission President, Joseph L. Trump The Mormon Church believes everyone mormon church gay rights have the chance to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ whether on earth or in the after life.

Below is the recording: You can find the links to them below:

News:Sep 8, - What was your marriage like before your husband disclosed this information to you? Specifically what was your sex life like? and a member of the Church with 13 years of experience working with LDS members. .. or NARTH or any of the ex-gay ministries) for nearly my entire adult life to this point, and.

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